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When beauty seeks its true value

Tv commercials, magazines, newspapers, different firms and organizations all have various ways in defining or explaining the basic concept of beauty. 

Society today is one whuch values beauty above all other human traits or values. The real question is ‘Who are we to decide who is said to be beautiful as well as claim who can be tagged as ugly or not as attractive as the next person?’ and in general ‘What is this value called beauty?’ 

The world at its best now would say “you’re hot or you’re not”. This beauty bias is one which is highlighted mainly on women; men on the other hand are valued for their success; a result of their hardwork or natural talent. This bias has caused looks to decide ones job, partner, friends and thus has become something we no longer have control over.

Some would say beauty real beauty is not judged by the outside but whats within. Afterall we should not judge a book by its cover, but rather go through its content and ignore the boring book cover.

Beauty itself is in the realm of the forms .

While others claim that phyiscal beauty is the only proper form of human beauty and thats why countless number of people spend thousands of dollars in trying to achieve this physical beauty which society accepts. But isnt it all vain? All apparently is truly vanity. If we have the great looks i.e. The outer beauty and yet neglect the inner one what then would be left of us when our lifes race ends. Our story might as well end up old news in a blink of an eye. 

A heart which made an impact reaches more distance even after its body has taken to sand…

Todays culture lays emphasis on exterior beauty: a perfect nose, pink puffy lips, big bold eyes, rosy cheeks etc But should true and genuine beauty be based on these qualities or rather be based on the personas moral traits? For someone to truly be called beautiful should such person not give some sort of satisfaction?  Should people be called beautiful because they give delight, or beacause they give delight because they are beautiful? Thats the clear difference between being beautiful as a person i.e within, and being beautiful because you possess the physical triats which society tags as what beautiful people possess.
It would be absurd to deny that the beauty of each and everybody varies, yet the beauty of the body which much emphasis is placed on today are as nothing to the beauties of a soul: the beauty of a persons true character which can only be discovered when we who judge actually give room to know these people.

Thus true beauty is the following.        

  • Its a value not a perception 
  • Its an emotion (its in leaving people with these emotions that much impact is laid)
  • Its a pleasure regarded as the quality of the thing( how much an individual has to offer)
  • It gives pleasure to people( inner beauty gives a smile here and a laugh there)
  • It is intrinsic i.e. essential (the world goes round with the existence of those who are beautiful on the inside and not just on the outside.

Man’s life is never worth living until he has attained the true vision of the very soul of beauty.   

We have all been created in the perfect image of God thus no one can fully justify the true definition of ‘ugliness’ by their appearance but rather by the structure of our inner hearts ; so much more have we also been made after Gods likeness meaning we must bring joy, happiness, a simple smile, a little hope, a bowl full of forgiveness and so much more as there in lies true beauty and without all or most of this we should not by all means describe ourselves as beautiful because real beauty lies at heart and without that just lies plain ugliness….
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