An Encounter with the Dream Reaper

Of Minds & Music


Thereโ€™s a story hidden
Inside the confines of my flesh
Constructs of reality
And fantasies that donโ€™t mesh

Itโ€™s a dream
and itโ€™s getting out of hand
Like an outrageous breakdown
From a sick metal band

But lo and behold,
This world ainโ€™t kind to dreamers
Back then I wasnโ€™t told
That most dreamers turn to weepers

Cold-blooded brethrens
Try to stab you in the back
Judgmental eyes
Try to slag the things you lack

Therefore, I thought
That this old dream is done
My hype and inspiration
Is now nearly gone

As I uttered these thoughts
A dark figure appeared
Came out of nowhere
His face kind of weird

I wasnt prepared
For the next things that occured
He opened a portal
as he uttered the words

โ€œWelcome to the place
where dreams come to die
Just end them now
And no need to vie for lies

No needโ€ฆ

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