Lessons on Love πŸ˜»β€

Perhaps its become the greatest mystery of all time or yet the longest controversy which outweights that of intelligence ; better still a determinant of its own which gives room to each and every person to decide what it is for it…. “What is Love?”   
Is it an emotion or a feeling ?                      A thing of the heart or the head?

Its not surprising that we all see love the way it comes to us

To the Philosophers : It is said to be a passionate commitment 

To the Psychotherapist : It has many guises

To the Physicist : It is chemistry …similar to permanent hunger or thirst after someone or something.

To the romantic novelist : It is something which drives all great stories…such that when you do have it you feel secure amd safe and without it you feel deprived and apparently this creates great story lines…You have it then you fight to keep it. You dont then you fight to possess it.

To the Nuns : Its a free gift which binds us. Its rather experienced than defined. It cant be bought or sold, and its fearless and has turned out to be lifes greatest blessing.

Love is not for one thing or one person, its not for a particular place or time and neither does it have a limit or deadline its infinite, everlasting more or less immortal… Its for God, parents, children, friends, neighbor, country and so on. To each and every person or thing love carries a different value and a different meaning. With each having its own variable: unrequited, eternal, tragic,fickle, deprived, misguided, self centered and so on..

Love doesnt make the world go round, Love makes the journey worthwhile …😍😍😍

To each and every person, Love can be compared to a boat without an oar that when placed on the open sea(love amidst life challenges), it takes the route or pathway of wherever the tides and waves take it to. Such that its our life trials and challenges that determines how we look at the meaning or concept of love, wherever we ended up at the end of that open sea. However way our life,jobs,partners show us love or see love as is what will determine how we see it too….

Life is the flower for which love is the honey …


So what exactly is love to you??             Leave your comments and opinions below…..

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Yours truly …..J


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