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Your only real limitation is you…Negativity-101

Its occurs often for us (me tooπŸ˜”πŸ˜”) when we forget to get something done or don’t do something right we say ‘Oh shit am dead’ ‘I just lost it’ or just literally diminish ourselves ‘Why am i such an idiot’ ‘ why am i so foolish’ or when a tsk is put before us and the first thing we utter is ‘I cant’ without even giving it a try and I happen to also be a victim of this negative attitude. I am sure it must have occurred to us after  (maybe after a bowl of icecream and some netflix) we have put ourselves down with our own words and actions then we realise what we may have done or said to ourselves that are harmful although when said meant no harm.

We are the architect of our lives and destinies .

Early last week I had gotten my whole week outlined, what I was going to do, how I was going to get them done and when I was going to get them done . I planned it out in such a way that I was still able to make time for movies and other things I like to get done in my leisure. But by yesterday I checked to see how much I had gotten done and i realised I had not gotten half of my proposed plan done, and the next thing i utter is ‘Jumi how could you have been this lazy ‘. Procastination happens to be one of my dear friends ( a habit i am trying so hard to drop😭😭😭). After like an episode of Homeland then it occurred to me what I had said to myself, it felt more real more like I had prophesied negatively into my life. 

Sometimes it hurts when you realise what you have said to yourself that you necessarily did not mean but the recalling of you actually uttering it is what hurts.. And am just like ‘Did i just say that about myself😧😧😧’ it just seems to roll off my tongue. 

We may not realise it but its what we say into our lives that make manifest, if we call ourselves failures more often than normal we end up failures, if we  bring ourselves down even without our knowledge(this happens when its already a habit) we are more or less portraying to people what we think about ourselves. Its the way we carry and address ourselves that others would later address us and treat us. Speaking negatively brings us down and causes limitations to rise, by speaking negatively to ourselves, we may come to believe what we say thus limiting ourselves and the abilities we possess.

No one can limit us unless we let them and for others to have the power to limit us we must have limited ourselves first.

We should learn to get up and speak great words into our lives…’I am great’ ‘I am a testimony’ etc. The more we say these to ourselves the easier it gets for us and once we are able to cultivate this as a habit we tend to become these words we speak .It shows in our lifestyle, interaction, career etc. Speaking positively makes us rise.

Whatever you believe in is what you become

The fact is no one can stop you if you have not already stopped yourself… because OUR TRUE LIMITATION IS OURSELVES …. And speaking positively is a way of removing that limiting barrier we have placed there…..Leave behind the negativity … 

Quote of the week

1 Corinthians 2:9 – But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.


Yours truly….JπŸ’•


5 thoughts on “Your only real limitation is you…Negativity-101

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Speaking negativity into our lives is detrimental to our life plan. We can’t expect to move forward if we are badgering the very spirit we hope to raise. Besides procrastination is not a federal offense. You just hadn’t completed your plans…yet! You can always get right up and get one more tick completed. That brings you closer to completion. I break my plans down into smaller steps, so I’m always accomplishing something. Are you someone that eats her dessert (reward) before the main meal? Just a thought I’m having. Highest and Best!


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