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Lets talk hair – Hair growth tips and tricks ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ‘ธ

You know how we have all had those moments where by

  • Our hair just refuses to grow even a centimeters longer
  • Our hair constantly remains dry even after the endless creaming and conditioning
  • Our hair remains brittle and just keeps breaking off after each brush
  • Our hair refuses to keep that glowing and radiant shine after conditioning and washing 

Well let’s wish all those issues goodbye. Here are a few tips and tricks which are bound to improve hair growth, kiss that scalp dryness goodbye, say hello to glowing strands and strong hair….

  1. Give your scalp a massage- Scalp massages help the hair in so many ways but most importantly stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. And this on the other hand releases oils from the scalp which helps strengthen the hair roots and keep hair moist. A scalp massage is best enjoyed with the use carrier oils. Carrier oils are basic oils which are usually used to dilute essential oils( peppermint oil, sweet almomd oil, castor oil etc). Carrier oils include coconut oil , olive oil, avocado oil etc.  These oils give the hair a shiny look and also help to lock nutrients from other products into the scalp and they also contain various nutrients which promote hair growth.   Not only are scalp massages good for hair growth but they are also relaxing and they sure do feel good!! You can give your scalp a massage by using your finger tips (watch out for your nails, massage the scalp not scratch) or get a scalp massager.
  2. Trim your hair from time to time- Trimming your hair from time to time helps to enhance hair growth , by doing this you get rid of brittle ends as well as split ends. Split ends tend to make hair strands weaker and brittle so causing hair to fall out much easily. So get a good hair stylist who understand your hair well and have them trim it once in a while . Do not trim like every week if not you would be cutting off that lenght which is growing and your lenght would seem to remain stagnant, rather trim once in two months. In doing so you give more room for your hair to grow healthily as well as get rid of those annoying split ends… A win win!
  3. Do not wash too often/everyday- Some people believe that washing hair often keeps thr hair growing and gives it a shine but what you are actually doing is washing away all your hair nutrients, stripping the hair of basic nutrients which are essential for hair growth and also causing your hair to dry out. So instead of washing everyday, wash twice a week and co-wash twice a week as well. So thats four washes a week; the first with your favorite shampoo( but do use conditioner after eash shampoo wash as it restores protein into the scalp amd leave the hair shiny) and the second with your conditioner only. And after each wash use one or more oils on your hair to restore the nutrients which may have been washed away during the wash. A reduced hair shampoo wash in a week keeps hair nutrients intact and also promote hair growth. Note- when hair is wet, its best to comb the hair rather than brush the hair because our hair is weak when wet so if brushed when wet it tends to break but slowly combing is the key.
  4. Silk pillow covers- Most people make use of cotton pillow cover because well its cotton. But what we dont know is silk pillow covers are of better advantage to our hair than cotton ones. Silk pillow cases cause less friction than cotton ones and are also not as absorbent as cotton ones so they would not absorb all your hair nutrients and oils over the night. 
  5. Protective Styling/materials-  Protective styling are hair styles which helps hair growth by covering up the hair ends. They can be done in various ways by weaving the hair (cornrows), braiding the hair either with extensions or just with your natural hair, putting in weaves(fixing in weaves) etc. You can also protect the hair ends, scalp from baf weather lile the scorching sun, dust by wearing hats when you step out or wearing scarves or even a wig. All these are forms of protecting the hair as well as helping the hair retain ots nutrients and oils thus enhancing hair growth
  6. Ditch the towel wrap or towel itself-  Most times after our hair wash, we tend to wrap out hair in a towel, when wet the hair is weak amd tends to break easily and wrapping out hair in a top causes a lot of friction on the hair which can cause hair breakage. What we should do is that after each wash we should pat our hair gently with the towel till its dry. This reduces friction and helps the scalp take in more nutrients from the wash. Another solution is to ditch the hair towel entirely and pick up an old shirt and use that to dap the hair, there is less friction in shirts than towels thus reducing hair breakage.
  7. Avoid hair dyes- Hair dyes/artificial dyes contain certain chemicals ehich are harmful to hair like ammonia and this in turn causes hair breakage and also robs the hair of its nutrients. If you really love hair dye or want to cover up those grey hair why not opt for more natural dyes such as henna. Henna happens to come in different colours and not only does it serve as a natural hair dye but it also contains several nutrients which help strengthen the hair. It restores hair colour, gives healthy and strong hair as well gives soft and smooth hair. Other natural dyes which can be used include cinnamon powder and coffee powder. 
  8. The hot water rinse- Rinsing hair with hot water fully during a shampoo wash is more or less like not washing at all. Most definitely your hair would become clean but no nutrient would be added back to the hair. You can use hot water to wash you hair but always make the final rinse with cold water and if you prefer you could use cold water all through the wash. Heres why when we wash our hair with hot water only we are stripping the hair of the nutrients which the wash is supposed to add, so giving it a final cold water wash traps the nutrients into the scalp and also prevents the hair from being brittle and dry. Using cold water helps the cuticle trap the nutrients from the shampoo or conditioner thereby leaving the scalp soft, the hair healthy and hair soft and easy to handle.
  9. Have a healthy and balanced diet-  Our hair relies totally on our body for its nutrients so we should learn to take in food which are healthy for the body as well as good for the hair. Taking in vegetables and fruits regularly helps to promote hair growth because they contain vitamins which are essential for hair growth. Fruits such as carrots, bananas, avocado all help in promoting hair growth. Also when we drink water regularly it enhances our hair growth, so about 6-8 cups of water daily pushes forward hair growth and leave the hair moist and nourished.

    If we have other tips and tricks do leave them in the comment section, leave your other opinions there too….

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    Yours truly…Jโคโค


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      1. Lol we all have surely had those moments…. Maybe you are paying too much attention to the hair growth… Just act neutral with it and it would grow when you aren’t looking…
        Thanks for the re-blog ….

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