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Top two effective hair mask recipes…..

Hey lovelies…. I hope we all have been having a wonderful August as summer is coming to an end  😒:'(:'(:'(:'(.   

Today I would be posting on hair masks. A great way to get great strong hair as well as save money. Also if you haven’t checked out my last post from the Crowned August series…. please do here.

Hair masks happens to be a great way of nourishing the hair roots and scalps. So since we are also dealing on how to have glowing and healthy hair at a lower cost, the application of hair masks is a great solution . A win win situation. Right?    Its cheap and affordable. Organic hair masks are made with things within our home. Normal day to day food stuff that we have at home and the mixture of these simple home items brings a great advantage to the hair. 

Today I would be giving you all an eye opener to my two favorite homemade hair masks. With homemade hair masks, we can feed and nurture the scalp and hair with nutrients provided by our dear mother nature to achieve strong and healthy hair.

  • The egg hair mask-  Personally I love this hair mask. Its packed with nutrients from the most basic of things in the home, an egg!



      1. An egg ( or two depending on your hair length and volume)
      2. Extra virgin Olive oil ( 2 tbsps)
      3. Honey ( 2 tbsps)

             – Beat the egg or eggs into a bowl depending on your hair length and volume  ( Eggs are packed with loads of protein which helps boost hair growth as well as helps heal dry and damaged hair and also gives the hair a natural glossy shine. It also prevents hair breakage and balding.) 

            – Add two tablespoons of honey (Honey is especially great for dry and brittle hair as it serves as a great moisturizer. It has great restorative properties which provides moisture to dry hair and it also keeps the hair glowing as well as gives the hair a lovely scent)

            – Add two tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil ( Olive oil is a great nutrient locker. The properties in it makes it able to lock nutrients from other hair products into the hair scalp. It also serves as a natural hair conditioner and also helps in preventing brittle hair and also keeps the hair glowing).

           – Mix all these together. Apply gently to the scalp and hair roots as well as hair lenght ( Massage into hair roots and scalp). If you have long hair and also hair with great volume, it’s best to put your hair in proportions to ease the application. Cover the hair with a disposable shower cap for about 15-30 minutes as it would not take more than that amount of time for the nutrients to be absorbed by the hair roots and scalp.

           – Use cold or lukewarm water to rinse the mask off the hair. Rinse well in order to get the egg content out fully. Wash the hair with shampoo to give your hair a final cleanse. 

      This egg hair mask can be done at least once or twice a month. Forget the grossness of having to use egg in your hair and look on the bright side that you get healthy, long hair in the end  😁😁😁

      • The creamy avocado mask-   Avocado are best used for nourishing and hydrating purposes. It also moisturizes dry hair and also strengthens brittle hair.


        1. One ripe avocado
        2. Olive oil (2 tbsps)
        3. 1/4 cup of milk


                  – Peel out the avocado and blend the chunks till you get a smooth purΓ©e 

                  – Add two tablespoons of olive oil 

                  – Add the cup of milk ( Milk helps keep the hair soft and makes it easier to comb or brush out. It also helps the scalp and roots to absorb nutrients better) 

                  – Mix these all together and apply to hair from the root to hair tips 

                  – Cover the hair with a disposable shower cap and leave the mask in for at least 15 minutes to allow the nutrients absorb into the scalp and roots.

                  – Rinse well with cold or lukewarm water. After this you can use a conditioner on your hair or leave it as it is since avocado serves as a great conditioner on its own.

        Whats your favourite hair mask recipe??. SHARE that in the comment section, LIKE, FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE…

        Yours truly…J ❀❀❀


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