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The black tea rinse…

Hello lovelies, I hope you all have been having a great week and a wonderful August. Mine has been super busy :|:|:'(, but as promised I have to keep the posts coming.

Who has heard of the Black tea rinse or the tea rinse ??? Well you know how mother nature leaves us with loads of stuff with endless usefulness and most when found out are really weird and unusual, yeah this happens to be on of those weird ones. The Black tea rinse. Honestly when I first heard about the black tea rinse,I was shocked that really???? Black tea??? On the hair???  Whats that to do to help my hair? Believe me I was shocked but when I looked it up and trust me I looked it up well, different sites, different posts, videos and I also checked out what others thought about it,  the results of those who had actually tried it out and they all came out positive. Lets just say I gave it a shot after 😂😂😂😂.

The great thing about this is that black tea isn’t some special type of tea that costs a lot or is found in some certain areas it’s our common tea which we take every other day like Lipton, PG etc . This black tea rinse can also be substituted for a coffee rinse. 

The black tea is packed with nutrients and does a great food to the hair. Ladies, if you are experiencing shedding the black tea rinse is the way forward. Not only does it minimize shedding but it also darkens hair, strenghtens hair (this is due to the high amount of caffeine in the black tea) and it adds shine and softens the hair. 

I have really thick and dry hair( my 3C ladies, where ya at 👸✨) but when I tried out the black tea rinse my hair got soft and I was able to style easily. 

So If you are ready to get your hair soft and silky here’s the black tea rinse 😪😅😅😅


  • Boil water which fills about three cups or a  medium sized  bowl
  • Steep two tea bags in the hot water and let it settle a while. Once the colour has changed you can remove the tea bags or leave it in. Let it settle overnight in cool temperature.

  • Pour the tea on you hair after it has been shampooed, concentrating on your scalp. Another method of application is to spray the tea using a small spray bottle. This application method is less messy and less drippy. P.S. – Wear clothes or a shirt which you wouldn’t mind staining with the tea because it can get really messy.
  • Leave it in for about 20-30 minutes ensuring to cover your hair with a disposable shower cap.
  • Rinse out with cool water then deep condition you hair.  You could make the easier homemade deep conditioner or use your usual hair deep conditioner.

    Leave your opinion and comments below. 

    Have you tried the black tea rinse?

     Did you like the after feel?


    Yours truly…J ❤❤


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