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The fuller Edges trick ❤❤

Hey lovelies, this month is coming to a quick end and so is the summer. Today I would be sharing with you all a new trick on how to get fuller edges in just a few seconds. 

My hair is all thick, dark and full (hair type – 3c)  but my edges has refused to join that gang. My edges are way too scanty with spaces in between and they are so thin which gives the impression that am bald up front😟😟😟. 

I got protective styling done throughout this month and I rocked it (well with a lot of scarves 😁😁😂) 

As you all see my edges are well…in a saddening state :'(:'(:'( so what better way to get over this than to cover it up and give the impression of fullness and thickness. So this really is a case where before truly meets after… 👸👸👸 And here are my results. 👇👇👇

What you would need: 

  • Eyeliner powder in black and brown


  • Eye shadow palette 
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Brush 
For mine I used; the 3XL eyeliner powder in black and brown, a Sleek eye shadow brush and the eye shadow palette is a Tara eye shadow palette.


    • Apply your normal hair cream or hair fruit as a base on your edges. Use the brush over it, brushing your edges back.
    • Using the eye shadow brush to apply a little of the black eyelinder powder or the black eye shadow powder to your edges all across   (NT- the colour of the eyeliner powder used or the eyeshadow powder used depends on the colour of your hair; in my case I would use black)  Do not apply too much of the product lest it gives the impression that you added dye to your edges and our goal is to make it look as natural as possible.
    • Ensure you use the product to cover up the spaces in between you hair edges, then use the eye shadow brush to blend the product into your hair well.
    • Thereafter use the brush to brush up your edges with the rest of your hair to give it a more natural look. 
    • If there is any product out of place, take a little of the brown eye liner powder (this colour also depends on your skin colour and it can be substituted for your normal compact powder) or eye shadow powder and cover the black up. Also blending this well so as not to give away the natural look. 
    • Style your hair as you wish, showing off your full edges 😅😅

      So what do all think about this trick? Have you tried it out before? Did it work out for you and were you able to achieve that naturally full edges?  


      You all can easily contact me via-

      Facebook- Ademola Olajumoke 

      Twitter- @am_jumoke 



      Instagram- @jumibum     

       Yours truly…J ❤❤❤

      PS. What do you all think about the blogs new look 🐻🐻🐻


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