September Update 2- New series alert ✨✨

Hey lovelies, I hope I have been forgiven for the late posts and all; I have been trying to get my life in order for the school year and trust me preparations arent easy when your head runs like wildfire. Also I have been having this mental argument with myself on what to bring in the month of September. And finally finally….*drumroll* I have concluded, rather ‘We’ have concluded,  that other me in my head and I have settled to treat another series *doing a leprechaun jump*. And here’s why…… 

I simply love posting in series and also if I decided to post all I had on a particular topic or subject at once it could end up being like a 5000 word post .  So yippee to a new series.

So the set of posts for this month of September will focus on building ourselves as individual. Becoming better persons and seeing ourselves better than where we are and far better than where our situations place us. I would be pointing out virtues and all that and would be sharing personal experiences too 😅😅😅.

So that’s pretty much it.  I have not truly summarized half of what is in store for this months blog posts but that should do right???

I would try to post more frequently,  I really hate the week long breaks in between my posts.:|:|:|.

So share you comments below. Don’t forget to hit the follow button and you could also subscribe by email too.  Like and share too… 

Yours truly… J ❤❤❤


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