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Whoever said your physicalities were limitations?? 💪💃

At times we see our phyiscal features or the way we are physically made by God as a sort of limitation in our lives.  “Oh yeah! I am too tall for a girl,  it would be so hard to find a guy who would appreciate me for me”. “Yeah I have this scar that makes me look less beautiful”, “I stammer” , “I am short”, “I am too old and so life really has nothing in store for me again”….  Yeah! those kind of complaints but the thing is whoever told you that because you have these issues or attributes that what you can or can’t do has measure? Well I never heard or seen the rule which states that ‘once you are old you can no longer make an impact’ neither have I seen or heard that which says ‘short people are less appreciated or if you are too tall you become less acceptable in the society’.  Have you???  
We cannot all look the same,  we cannot all act the same,  we cannot all think the same way and neither do we all have the same abilities or potential in us.  But the only way we can feel great about ourselves and feel confident is when we use what we have to achieve what we want without seeing them as limitations. I may be short but I shouldn’t let my height determine my next move,  I shouldn’t see that height as a limiting factor to what I intend on achieving. 

Abraham was old when God called him,  Sarah was old when God said she would conceive.  But even with those odds they were able to fulfill what God had in store for them. To everyone else, their age was a limitation but to God nothing is impossible. 

Zaccheus was short but that did not keep Jesus from noticing him from the top of that tree. Zaccheus also did not let his height limit him,  he wanted to meet Jesus,  he wanted an encounter and so he didn’t let his height stop him from what he wanted to do.  

Even the great Moses stuttered but that did not stop him from leading the people of Israel out of Egypt and to the promised land and it also did not stop him from fulfilling that which God has planned for him. 

So let’s not all limit ourselves to what our physical features leave us with.  We are much more than we think we are. We can achieve way more than we think we can. It’s just a case of believing and not letting our features limit us. We can do all things so far as God is still on the throne. The plan that God has for us are way beyond our imagination and further beyond human comprehension but what we are to do is just relax and let God do what HE does. We need to be willing and to not be in doubt because it’s only then that situations which seem impossible to man become possible if only we let God work and we listen…. 
Yours truly…J ❤❤❤

P. S. – Am so so so sorry for the delay….

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