Setting off right

Hey lovelies,  
A few days back I was lucky enough to have had a meeting with one of the Professors of Sociology at my university and in all honesty I was so grateful I had the encounter with him. He asked one of my roomies to see him after she was done with her registration so I decided to tag along and lucky for me he ended up dishing out a lot on how to cope in school,  new environment and all. And he mainly focused on how we can build ourselves and set off on the right foot and not build on a shaky foundation as freshmen since we have a whole new life,  a new chapter and all that. 

Some build their futures on a foundation of lies others on deceit while some build it on laziness, ignorance and all sort but on the other hand others build it on God. They start off with God ahead of them daily asking God to lead them and guide them,  to help them start and finish well.  

What are we building upon??  

When we want to have a new beginning we need to consider the kind of foundation we want to build upon,  be it a good one or a bad one. The choice really is ours. Having a fresh start is never easy but knowing what we want in this new chapter is harder,  but that’s exactly what we need to keep us going- that goal,  that target and our expected end. To have a fresh start we have got to have a new goal different from that of before and it’s the focusing on this goal that helps us in building our foundation.

Starting over is always something strange, you have to look for new ways of handling new things,  new people in your lives,  you also get the chance to cut off people from your life- those who do not share the same vision as you and that seems to be one of the hardest, that simple art of letting go. To have a fresh start we must be open to new things because they are bound to come and we are expected to be open to them. 

There are bound to be alot of distractions, multiple setbacks, individuals who do not share the same goal with you thus setting you a few steps back, temptations of so many forms but the thing is we have to try not to conform to things like that. They are a necessary evil which must by all means come our way but we just need to expect them and be able to identify them such that when they do come we can overcome them. 

To start freshly we need to accept that our past is our past and that the future holds greater things for us than that which our last may have offered us and with that in mind and with God upfront we are bound to build a future upon a solid ground. 

Holman Christian Standard Bible-For no one can lay any other foundation than what has been laid down. That foundation is Jesus Christ. (1Corinthians 3: 11)

Yours truly… J ❀❀❀


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