Storming into 2017 with Grace I – LIVING BEYOND YOUR REGRETSย 


The year 2016 have obviously had it’s ups and downs. It’s regrets too. Regrets. The inevitable part of human life. Everyone has them. The regrets of actions done,  words which you wish you could take back,  regret of pain you caused someone or that which someone caused you. They all lie there in the pile behind us. 

While others dwell on their regrets some others decide to take lessons from them. But the thing is we all in one way want to change direction from that path of regret but the problem is the way in which we carry that out.Those who dwell on them,  they let this past haunt them. They keep remembering, keep thinking about it over and over and constantly keep on rehearsing these regrets mentally. Letting it get to them day after day thereby causing themselves more pain.  But here’s the key – NEVER REGRET YOUR REGRETS 

Its been done,  it’s passed by,  and your job is to not let it come again.  Just let it be behind you where it belongs, in the blurry sphere of your memory. 

In getting over our regrets and in getting ready to learn from them rather than to dwell on them we need to-

  • Recognize our regrets- Yes!  Identify your regrets for what they are. You have to know what these regrets are and know why these actions or things are regrets. What exactly is it that you are feeling terrible about?  What power does it have over you and your future?  Get to know them. Not all actions we take can be regrets but just a few of them, so get to know which one of your actions you regret. 
  • Search yourself- In searching ourselves we look at what we wished we did different, that other choice we wished we had chosen.  Oh!  That argument I got in with Natalie,  I should have just walked away instead of responding. Think and decide on what you feel you could have done differently. And also think more of how the result of the other choice would have been different from the choice you already made. 
  • Apply other alternatives – This is simply interrogating these regrets for what it can teach you. Never ever dwell on your regrets,  don’t keep regretting but rather see them as a tool or an aid to better yourself. Yes,  I went wrong here and there,  and of course I feel bad about what I did but what I am to do is to not sulk on them. From here you can learn from your action by not sticking to the stage of mentally remembering the wrong action or regret but rather learning from it by applying the other alternatives which could have been approached in the same situation in future events or circumstances.
  • Release these regrets- Holding on to regrets is more or less like carrying a burden. It weighs you down and keeps you from moving forward.  It’s often so easy to get hung up in the guilt, blame, pain etc  and all these emotions keep us from progressing. The key is to release your regrets.  Let it go. Drop the baggage. It’s also only when you let go of them that you are able to forgive yourself and others too,  as well as ask other for forgiveness including God. Holding on is too much stress.  Let it go!  

This is a great way of starting afresh in the new Year. Putting the weigh of regrets behind you and the burden of it. In doing this they lose power over you as they no longer pose as obstacles to progress. 


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