Storming into 2017 with Grace IV- THE POWER OF YOUR DREAMS

In the lives of all men lives a dream. That peak that we desire to reach. The height that we wish to reach so we can finally derive that satisfaction of a fulfilled and well-lived life. Everyone has dreams, I do,  you do. For our dreams to become a reality and one which is approved by God it has to be God inspired and not Satan induced. And the various dreams we dream in our lifetime all depend greatly on our confession:what we confess with our mouth and that which we confess with our actions. It’s only through these two mediums that others can see the kind of dreams we have and only through these mediums that we get the help we need. 

Our dreams can be said to be a reflection of our lives. That is,  the content of our life. The things we see in our dreams are a mirror of what we carry within us. Joseph carried in him the power of a leader so his dreams were those of him being a leader and they kept coming back- Genesis 37:5-11. Although those around him spited him for what he dreamt about yet the will of God was made manifest in his life because he didn’t let the thought of men bring him down. He held on to his dream. His dreams revealed God’s plans for him that what he carried in him was great. 

If we have God-inspired dreams, we should learn to cherish them. 

Also our dreams take us through pleasant and unpleasant circumstances. From the life of Joseph, that is,  from the point of his dreams to its realisation, he went through a lot of difficulties. Various unpleasant experiences are inevitable in the realisation of our dreams. These circumstances may come in form of pressure, hatred, oppression, hardship, suffering, rejection. But even with all this we have to try to keep the dream alive. For our dream to fulfilled we are bound to go through difficulties.

All dreams are sustained by godly living. Still looking at the life of Joseph, he was a man of great dreams yet he was faced with several challenges which put him in situations or positions whereby he could have killed the dream but he persevered and kept the dream alive. He kept that promise of God, that plan of God for him alive. The enemy tried to destroy his dream through all sorts of temptation and trials. In spite of all this he conquered. 

Lastly our God-inspired dreams are the keys to our various places of honour. Joseph’s dreams and perseverance was what took him and elevated him to his place of honour. His dream may have seemed impossible but the Author of his destiny made it possible. He ruled and reigned because he kept to his dreams and had faith in God. 

The dreams we dream,  our visions and what we see ourselves as tomorrow has great power over what we eventually become. Our dreams carry the power to shape our destiny. It’s whatever dream we confess that shapes our destiny. Joseph confessed dreams of respect,  authority, power for himself in accordance to the plan of God and they all came to pass. His destiny and his latter end depended on those confessions he made. 

What dreams are we dreaming and confessing today? 

The new Year is right before us,  let’s dream great dreams that would bring us to a great end. Let’s have God-inspired dreams. One led and oriented and moulded by God himself. 


11 thoughts on “Storming into 2017 with Grace IV- THE POWER OF YOUR DREAMS

  1. Interesting take! I really feel like a dream is meant to inspire or help you with certain situations. I actually have been having a lot of good and bad dreams lately and I feel like that is because my mind is just racing all the time not getting time to process and overthink stuff so that is all happening during my sleep…

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