Book review: Sketchy Tacos

Sketchy Tacos! 

We all want that adventure filled life,  the one with endless unplanned yet fun events and great roller coasters of joy but they never come easy, do they?   Please!  Even Cinderella had her issues, and so did all the other fairy tale princesses which had happy endings. Right? Well don’t go thinking this is some cliche fairytale plot because it isn’t.  

Sketchy tacos is an inspirational travel novel which has its main character as Mila(Milidred), a young teen in a foreign country( Mexico) with a new family. Where she struggles between making new friends,  learning the language, stuck in a love triangle, searching for what life has in place for her, and also struggling with the relationship she has with her mum.  Through all this she also endeavors to work her way back  to God seeking his guidance and hoping to just hear him, but answers don’t fall from heaven do they?  She goes day by day,  week by week in her new environment living as the adventure takes her….. 

The book is simply spectacular. I don’t want to give spoilers at all and I am using all the muscles in me to do that. My favorite character is Isabel. She happens to be the dominant mother figure in the book. Although not Mila’s mother, her character is that of warmth and love. How she welcomed Mila into her home with so much love, how she cared for her like she were her own. She represents true selflessness. The depiction of pain she felt when Mila got in a fight with her mum shows how she feels as mother as though the act were directed to her.

The characters in the book are not close to being fictional,  they all are characters that we see in our daily lives. The good, the bad and the ugly. Those with the masks like Christian.  The means girls, the secret crush like David and so many other are all packed in to bring the story to life. 

 The Authors merging of each scene bringing all the images to reality, literally depicting real life experiencess in the lives of made-up characters, the simple use of diction,  clear straightforward lines and phrases. The elimination of verbosity. The book is a pure masterpiece. The author took me on a tour of Mexico in my own head, the images are glued to my brain. Her wonderful description of each place and area. The tourist attractions in New Mexico, honestly I feel like I have been to Mexico already. She went into detail of each site, it’s like giving me the answers to my exams without me having to study. Absolute bliss😁😁😁😁. She took me all the way to Mexico and I needed no plane ticket.  

I feel the book is suited for everyone. Teens, older readers,  mothers,   honestly anyone with a mindset to put right the wrong in their lives. Each character is a lesson on its own. At least I am not ashamed to say I saw myself in the lives of a few of the characters. This book would help us in so many ways and also in dealing with so many issues. It also would help others know that the people who would help us to rise have been put  around us by God and we just need to identify them,  open up and break down that brick wall around us. 

About the Author

The Author behind this work of art is Meg Gonzalez. She is the brains behind http://megdgonzalez.com/ , and one night of salsa dancing completely changed the course of her life.  Meg D. Gonzalez accepted Alan’s offer of a dance and form there she began a journey that pulled her out of her sheltered life and into a big and beautiful world. Living in Mexico for a year showed her a rich culture and varied landscape that captured her imagination, and she just knew she had to share and the experience of all the wonders of Mexico has brought to us Sketchy tacos .

Meg would love to connect! Also you can get a copy of the book through the following ways, you could also reach out to discuss concerning the book. If you need a little help here, a piece of advise there she is here to help. 


Facebook –  http://facebook.com/megdgonzalez

Twitter –    http://twitter.com/megdgonzalez

Instagram –http://instagram.com/megdgonzalez

Lastly there are goodies to go round*doingthehappydance*

If you want to get the ‘Rock your 2017 goals workbook’ as well as the first two chapters of Sketchy Tacos, and other awesome resources for FREE. Click this link 👉 http://megdgonzalez.com/free-resources

We all love free stuff like who doesn’t? 
So that brings me to the end of this book review.  Do leave any questions in the comment section and I would answer them with all joy….  Happy reading and Happy New Year. And Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies….  

P. S.  I know I have been gone for a while now but I am working on how I can post at least twice a week. 💜💜💜


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