Knowing your lifes work -The Activists 

Discovering your purpose in this world is not an easy task and it isn’t one you stumble upon.  It takes the grace of God and a lot of effort. It’s also a very scary process; that moment when you come to the realization that your lifes purpose is this or that and you think back at all the things which worked out for you and weight them with those things which didn’t work out for you. The most scary part is just wondering if  you  are on the right path at all or if you are just on one of the many paths that you thread on before discovering your true purpose. 
In life there are three categories of people when it comes to finding or knowing and working on your works:

– The Activists, those who have discovered their purpose and are working on it

– The Watchers, those who have discovered but don’t know what to do about it or how to start on it

– The Waiters, those who have no idea what their purpose is; honestly I feel like that’s where I am at the moment.

For the range of people who have discovered their life’s work and are endlessly working on it can be said to be on the right path. They have discovered their purpose and haven’t left it hanging but rather working towards the realization on that goal. Everything in life has its downpart or something to the cautious of,  well for these set of people they need to be 

  •  Dedicated- To be dedicated means to commit to something, to put in enough time and effort into whatever it is we do. Without dedication we can’t get by. We have to keep our eyes on the price and stay focused on that dream that’s before us.  To be dedicated we need to put our all into whatever it is we do and prioritize where that dream stands in our life.  
  • Humble- finding your life work is one thing but realising it is a completely different thing.  To get up there we all have to start from the bottom and that’s why we need humility. We need to humble ourselves before those around us and above us because without them we can’t move higher. Also being humble opens doors for us. It brings help from where we would have doubted help would come from. We need to be modest in all that we do,  respecting ourselves as well as others. 
  • Patient- In working towards the achievement of your goals you need patience.  This is like the master key. It opens all other doors and am endless count of opportunities. Patience is very essential when working towards the realization of our dreams because it doesn’t take a day or a week for dreams to become a reality but it could take several months,  years infact. We shall need patience because we can’t afford to go too fast or too slow but rather maintain a certain speed that good for us. 
  • Faith-filled – When we have come to the realization of our life’s work and our very purpose for existence we need to have more faith both in ourselves and in God. It’s never easy to keep your faith but it’s necessary. We need to believe in ourselves that we can get to the finish line and we must trust in God that he will be right there leading us and helping us.  We can’t do it on our own but we need God’s assistance all through the journey.
  • Prayerful- this is a very important factor while wet are working out or life’s work.  We need to constantly pray to God, the one who gave us that dream. We need to pray for guidance and company so that we wouldn’t have to really the journey all on our own. We need to take time to meditate on the scriptures when we feel weak or at a crossroads because it’s only God who can lead us well in the right path. 

 Finding you lifes work is never an easy task and knowing how to go about it is harder but we all need to be focused and put our eyes on the price. 
I would be posting on the next two categories in my next post and also on how to know if you have found your lifes work. 


Stay blessed…. 

Yours truly… J💜💜


2 thoughts on “Knowing your lifes work -The Activists 

  1. Hmmm…lots to think about. I am not sure if I am a “watcher” or a “waiter”. Some of the steps are a bit hard for me right now but praying for the grace to abide by them. Thanks so much for sharing such great insights; it was definitely timely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome hunnie…. Am sure after this series you would be able to figure it out and work towards the discovery of your purpose… Do keep posted for upcoming posts for this series… Shalom!


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