Guest Post: Keep your head up- Shana Browne 

Keep your head up.
It’s a phrase that we’ve heard before. It’s been uttered to us when we were feeling down and out. When it seems that life is knocking us down and refusing to let us get back up, we’re reminded to keep our head up!

When looking downward, we’re only able to see what’s directly in front of us. Maybe our hair responds to gravity and becomes an additional hindrance to our visibility. In that moment, our other senses kick in to compensate for what we’re unable to see. 

Looking upward is different. When you tilt your head back and send your eyes upward, your world expands. You’re no longer restricted to a little area to focus on. Instead, you capture the vastness of the sky and the endlessness of the horizon.

The Devil Tried to Bring Me Down

Last week was… trying! Lord, have mercy…. I’m sure there is a better word that can describe my week, but “trying” fits perfectly. Starting on Monday, God directed me to a specific devotion topic—prayer—that I later realized was very intentional. At the beginning of the work day, I quickly caught up with the fact that both the Boss Man and Supervisor were stressssed!

Yes, there was a lot to do on Monday and Tuesday, but the day had just begun! As the day dragged on, I could feel my patience waning and my desire for the day to end increasing. I felt as though I was at my wits end. 

What about my morning devotion? Gone. Completely gone out of my mind. What I needed most throughout that day was to be in constant communication with God. Sadly, I wasn’t focused on prayer.

Tuesday morning, I woke up ready for a new day. God directed me back to the same devotion topic and I soaked it all in. Before I walked out of my front door, I asked for God to change my outlook on the day even if my circumstances didn’t change. I wanted that day to be different from the day before. Tuesday turned out to be just as vexing. What happened to the impact from my morning devotion and prayer? I was getting more and more discouraged.

By the time Saturday came, I was still struggling. The work week was over, but the frustrations remained. Finally, God got through to me. It wasn’t enough for me to hear what God was saying. I needed to apply it. And how could I do that if I kept my head down and eyes gazing at the ground?

Keep your head up, Shana.
In His Word, God has laid out a process. Different elements, when applied together, produces success. He calls for us to pray without ceasing. He reminds us that faith without works is dead. Then, we must love; love as God loves.

Last week I was reminded that after I spend time studying His word, I must then pray throughout the day for the strength to implement what I studied. It’s not as though the Enemy wants us to succeed at being a Christian. He doesn’t step aside and make clear the pathway towards success. 

Then, I needed to trust that God that He will carry me through the tough situations that were meant to refine my character. I didn’t go through all that mess because God was trying to be mean and harm me. Instead, through His infinite love He allowed me to go through that trial to strengthen me. 

Always love as God loves. When confronted with someone trying to tear me down, loving them is the last thing on my mind. Instead, I’m pleading with God to help me control my temperament. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. In hindsight, I see how I could have been more loving towards my boss and supervisor. I see the opportunities to be selfless that passed me by.
We Have Hope

Today, tomorrow, and the day afterward, next week, next month, and even next year is going to come with ups and downs. Purpose in your heart now that you’re going to keep your head up and eyes focused on God. Then, when challenges come, you already know how to respond. When you’re frustrated and upset, that’s not the time to figure out how to respond to your frustrations.

Don’t hold your frustrations in. Let them go, my friend! Out! Bye! Adios! Be gone! They do nothing but chip away at your faith. There is freedom in the arms of Christ. Isn’t that great!? I think so.
When I walk into work, see my boss and my pulse doesn’t begin to race and my eyes narrow, that’s freedom. How about the fears and doubts that began to form as a result of the conflict? God handles that for me as well. Freedom!!

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,” Hebrew 6:19.

Keep your head up, my friend!

About the Author 

Shana Browne is the wonderful Christian blogger behind Theonesourceblog. She is passionate about pointing others to the source of their success. She teaches folks every day how to strengthen their relationship with God and how to better use their God-given time. Her aim is that as you increase your productivity, you’ll be inspired to give more of your time to help others. Read and subscribe at Theonesourceblog.com


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